The Paradise Road Duo was formed to share their love of Country & Rock and give their audience a taste of their artistic song writing ability with a real Country flavour. Katie's true passion is singing. Growing up there was always music in the house, either writing songs or having vocal lessons. Katie has a real passion for Country music and has performed at many events. She brings a modern feel, but also with her strong tones lots of heart and soul. One of her first singles (which will be out sometime next year) came to her after an event she performed in, where they were raising money for the drought stricken farmers, at a Rural Assist Event in Pine Rivers North of Brisbane. 

Michael Currie-Meeuwsens a strong performer, with a wealth of experience for someone so young at 22 he has been performing in many different venues for a range of bands and genres, he has a real gift for the guitar and his harmonies really give the song a beautiful flavour. Having taken out a CCMA award last year in Tamworth for his Duo performance, he decided to work along side Katie to really bring together that modern Country sound. Working together they have already written three songs with more on the way.  They are performing in many different venues all over Brisbane, we look forward to what is to come from this talented duo. 

Then there is Timo a fantastic percussionist and a musician in his own right.
Timo has been in the music industry coming on 30 years, performing around Australia & Internationally.
Coming from 3 generations for Drummers, He started as a Percussionist working in cover bands in pubs & clubs. 
Wasn’t long he was working with many Corporate Bands on the Gold Coast including.. 
*Pulse *Captain Wow *Madison Kat *M. Devine *Zoo Keepers .In recent years Timo has been playing Drum kit & Percussion , Recording, Performing & Touring with artist like ..Louie Shelton (American Guitar Legend)
The Best of the BeeGee’s, Mudslide Duo, Le Fun Grande, Free Soul Collective & Paradise Road.

So this is us with fantastic tones and harmonys they will leave you wanting more.

This Letter is what gave me the inspiration to do something nice for our farmers

This Letter is what gave me the inspiration to do something nice for our farmers

our performance is at the tail end of the Ozzie Review 

July 2016 till Present

Some of the places performed.

Dayboro Crown Hotel Rodeo Gig (Sunday 30th of April)
Caboolture Country Jamboree (Saturday 29th of April)
Kenmore Hotel Gig (Friday 28th of April)
Crow N Arrow regular fortnightly gigs started in April
Regatta Hotel Gig (12th and 13th May)
Kenmore Hotel Gig (Friday 19th May)
Waterloo Hotel  ( Saturday 20th May)
Waterloo Hotel  ( Saturday 27th May)
Pushworth Industry Gig (Tuesday 20th June)
Dayboro Show ( Saturday 8th July)
Queensland Cruising Yacht Club
Regatta Hotel for food and wine festival
Ekka Country music showdown(2017)h

Waterloo Hotel (Friday 25th Aug)

Crow N Arrow (Friday 8th Sep)

Waterloo (Saturday 9th Sep)

Nundah Festival (Sunday 10th Sep)

Stellarosa Mango Hill (Friday 15th Sep)

Morten Bay Council Bon fire (Saturday 16th Sep)